The Living Room Schoolhouse

Welcome to The Living Room Schoolhouse, a blog about education.   Here, I want to offer encouragement and helpful information for those who teach children and teens either at home or at church.

Some weeks, I’ll discuss home school topics—resources, curriculum, time management, teaching tips and other practical matters—and I’ll include personal reflections on my teaching experience, as well. Occasionally, I’ll talk about my part-time private tutoring service, or about my past experiences teaching at the local Christian school.  I have used home school resources in both of these situations, and I’ve even gained a few project ideas from the local school for my own students at home.  So, if you home school your kids, or even if you’re just thinking about it, I hope you’ll follow along as I share advice, information, and stories from my own home school adventure.  Begin with my brief personal essay “Homeschooling for Life.”

Other weeks, I will deal specifically with Bible study.  Some of you lead children’s Bible classes at church (or maybe at a Christian school), and many of you want to include Bible study as part of your home school.  I want these posts in The Living Room Schoolhouse to provide resources for you as you take the very important responsibility of teaching the Bible. Drawing on my seminary education, my 20-plus years of Bible teaching experience, and ten years of curriculum writing, I’ll offer Bible teaching tips, as well as specific Bible study lessons, both for your students and for you, the teacher. To get started, read my introductory series “7 Tips for the Effective Children’s Bible Teacher.”

Enjoy your time in the Schoolhouse!