Welcome to my Fireside, where we can discuss life’s troubling questions.  No candy-coating or Pollyanna attitudes allowed.  It’s time to be honest.

Even if you’re a Christian, life continues to hurl difficulties in the way.  We’re often thrust into painful situations that may be impossible to escape.  Agonizing questions with no answers may lead to doubt and despair.  Unfortunately, well-meaning Christians, themselves, sometimes offer pat answers that serve only to elicit more anger or guilt or pain.

I am tired of pat answers, aren’t you?  Let’s take some time to consider the serious issues of life—without all of those clichés.  I’m ready to discuss honest questions—questions that may have no easy answers.  I want to use my life experience to help others deal with issues of parenting, grief, faith, and doubt.

I believe the Bible holds the key to our faith and answers many of our questions.  However, the Bible simply does not answer every question we have, and life contains many gray areas.  For example, how do you still trust God when you feel He has failed you?  What is the right balance between monitoring your teen and giving him his freedom and privacy?  How do you deal with Christians who have wronged you?  How can you go on when you are grieving?  Many scholars much wiser than I am have addressed many of these issues.  But even armed with their advice and our own knowledge of the Bible, we still have difficulties and questions unique to our own life situations.

I do not have all the right answers.  No one does.  But sometimes when we discuss the difficult issues honestly, we can at least come one step closer to an answer, or at least we can learn ways of coping with a particular problem.  Sometimes a discussion merely offers comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone in our questioning.  I will offer my own struggles honestly, and I will share any conclusions I’ve reached for myself.

Whether you are a Christian or not—whether you agree with me or not—you’re invited to my Fireside to explore life’s difficulties with me.