Afternoon Tea

Hi. I’m glad you stopped by for Afternoon Tea, a time for us to think about health and nutrition. I’m not here to tell you what you should do; I’m here simply to offer you what I’ve learned through research and experience.

The importance of leading a healthy life cannot be exaggerated.  We all want to feel well so that we can do the things we want to do for ourselves and for our families.  When you feel sick much of the time, you simply cannot live life to its fullest.

Yet it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s environment, don’t you think?  We’re surrounded by toxins in the environment and friends who tempt us with sugary foods.  We often don’t implement healthy practices because we are too busy, too overwhelmed by conflicting health information, or simply dismayed by the cost of healthy foods and supplements.  There’s no shortage of excuses for not making the right choices.  We all need reminders to keep trying.  I know I do.  Maybe I eat too much sugar one day, or fail to get enough sleep all week.  When I do, I definitely feel the difference.  I’m reminded that the choices we make do have consequences, both short and long term.  So I refuse to stop trying.

During our Afternoon Tea, I want to tell you what my family and I do to stay on track with our health.  I’m determined to make healthy choices for myself—and for my family, when they’ll let me.  I want to keep learning natural ways to deal with health problems and ways to prevent disease.  I’m constantly researching health topics, and I’ll be sharing my findings with you.  I’ll tell you about health struggles my family and I are experiencing and how we continue to deal with them.  I’ll also be telling you about products I’ve tried, health books I’ve read, healing foods and other natural remedies that have worked for me and my family, recipes I’ve discovered—and, of course, tea.

If you need suggestions and ideas for a healthier lifestyle, then stop by often for Afternoon Tea.  Maybe my experience will help you find solutions to your own health challenges.